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As you all know, I had a mega-crappy day yesterday. It started with me headed to the airport. I pulled up to my office (my office is in Rosemont….almost across the street from O’Hare Airport) and realized my wallet was at the house. 

CRAP!!!  I have to have my wallet. I need my credit cards for the hotel and rental car, I need my drivers license for the rental car. I’m not worried about TSA, I travel with my passport.

I called Janet and asked her to meet me about halfway. That will give me enough time to get through security and still be able to board my flight.

I met Janet at the Costco parking lot. She pulls up with the top down on the car, gets out and hands me my wallet. I gave her a HUGE hug and told her thank you so much.

As I kiss her good-bye, I reached up, copped a feel, and told her “Damn! If I had boobs, I’d never leave the house”

Janet: Sweetie, God knew that and that’s the reason you don’t.

  1. sayhellotocindy said: Awesome answer Janet! :)
  2. melanietris said: But once you’ve been living with them awhile I’m sure they’d lose their fascinating hold on you.
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