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Yes, this is one of the those “I’ve been on Tumblr for (some period of time)” posts. For that reason, I’ve inserted the Read More.

I found the Ben Does Life video a hair over a year ago; I was extremely over-weight and I knew I had to do…something. I found the C25K program and thought I would try it. I’d never been a runner, but, you know, what the Hell…  The worst that would happen is I add it to the list of things that I tried but didn’t like.  

After a couple of set-backs, I decided to start on Memorial Day of 2011.

I found out I DO like to run. In the last 12 months, I’ve run 765 miles. Without fail, every time I ran in Singapore, I got rained on. With the exception of a bruised shin bone, I’ve stuck with it. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since the decision to get off my ass.

A large part of that motivation has come from Tumblr.

I joined Tumblr and found support.

Thank God, I thought I was the only one that was embarrassed to run!    

Over the last 12 months, I have found (to name a few highlights):

  • LittleRunnerGurl cusses enough to be a cop AND is willing to help people.

  • AshamedToSay (and Eight) has shown me parts of Chicago that I would never see.

  • People have changed careers or jobs (TriDad and LRG to name two)

  • I’ve followed people through new babies, deployments, moving across the country, sickness and grief.

  • RunningAngel, WestCoastRunner, SpringerMom, SayHellotoCindy, and MelanieDoesLife are fun to mess with.

  • I’ve met RobbsRunning, HappyFitRunnerGirl, MarKicksAss, AshamedToSay, and rfgr26 (She was holding her “Do Epic Shit” sign)

  • Incredibly interesting to read TeamAgee's quest to Boston

  • Boo has made many internet friends (Hello to Cindy!).

  • While in Singapore, I sent postcards to the internets.

  • ….and there is so much more I could list, but you get the idea.

Again, you all have helped me.

I just want to thank you all so much for the pleasure of sharing your lives, for helping to keep me on track, for reading my police stories, and making this such a great community.

Looking forward to actually meeting more of you when you come to Chicago.

  1. ashamedtosay said: You are awesome! Thank you for showing us your journey.
  2. teamagee said: Thanks for the shout out David….right back at ya! Glad you are on Tumblr!
  3. mar-kicksass said: Happy Anniversary from me, Darcy, Ronald McDonald, and the giant fork! :)
  4. melanietris said: Great, now I’m going to have to change my tumblr name. :) I enjoy following you, even if you do turn everything I say into a dirty joke. :)
  5. littlerunnergurl said: I hope I get to meet you when I am in chi-town for the marry. It’ll be just a training run so I’ll probably fly in Fri and out on Sun, but hopefully, we can meet up! :)
  6. westcoastrunner said: Fun to mess with!! And I LOVE it!! You are an amazing person and truly awesome David!!
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