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Out the door at 5AM for intervals!  Wheeee!!!

10 Minute warm-up
6X400 at 7:28 avg pace
10 Minute cool-down

First interval was the slowest at 7:49
Fourth was the fastest at 7:17
Last was 7:21 and also where where my lungs/insides wanted to jump out and strangle me to stop.

It’s now 6AM and time to shower and head to work.


Now off to sleep.

All in bullets:

  • I flew to Pasadena a day early with the intent to set-up my classroom early; we didn’t even get started until 1:30 PM. The student machines had to rebuilt, the evidence machines had to be rebuilt, and the configurations made. All the work I did last week was wasted.
  • People that were suppose to help me today, simply didn’t show up.
  • I’m getting tired of my job.
  • Janet’s mom is in the hospital with pneumonia.
  • Lilly’s waterproof blanket arrived. She’d already peed on the bed linens today.
  • Hopefully the waterproof blanket will help with the ‘old dog’ issues.
  • I still need to do my strength training today and I’m already beat.
  • and Boo has been sprayed by a skunk.

Carry on.

I have a window seat on an exit row (I like exit rows). I have a couple of classics to watch: ‘His Girl Friday’ and ‘All the President’s Men’. I have books to read, both electronic and paper. A couple of games to play.

AND I may have an empty seat next to me.

I’m ready to go and to have this trip over with.

On the way to the airport. Someone’s having a bad day.

45 minutes of high cadence spinning this morning.  

Janet made buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. Those, scrambled eggs, and baked bacon. Yumm,

Car is picking me up at 3:45 for the airport; I’ll be in the land of LAXO all week. 

After the joy that is known as ‘day lily hunting’ and the rapidly deflating tire, we finally made it home. As soon as the dogs were fed, I managed to get six (6) miles in.

Kept it slow as it was hot and humid. 59 minutes at 9:50 pace.

Janet got her four miles in like a champ.

Place two (2) and Quincy the turkey.

Place number one (1).

As we were leaving the house this morning at “o’dark early”, we noticed some neighbors were getting new siding. That’s important as that’s where we think the nail came from they pulled out of our tire.

Thank goodness the car has air pressure sensors and we were able to get it fixed before we got to the interstate.

We’re now at place one (1) of two (2). That’s right, there are two of these places. This day keeps getting better.

I made the mistake of telling Janet about driving past a day lilly farm on my trip to Nashville; it’s 225 miles from here in Indiana.

Guess where we’re going this morning…..

One of the many things I love about running is it brings a sense of clarity. The time running allows me to process things and has (as it has for millions of others) turned into a valuable private time to think, to ponder, and reach decisions.

Change is in the air.

For accountability purposes:

45 minutes of strength training complete today. Coming along nicely.

In addition to the scheduled training, also doing dips and push-ups at work.

See? All mustaches look good on me!

And the birthday month continues! Nice gifts and a card from mustache envious Christa! Plus, I have another card from Melanie I’ll post later.

I could make any ‘stache look good.