Janet’s in the ‘wait, wait..’ line for the tickets.

I’m holding the table down. I’m such a good husband.

Clearly there is a different driving exam for cab drivers than there is for…you know, humans.

I’ll sleep easier if I just keep looking out the side windows and not the windshield.

Scheduled for five (5) miles today. We are on the train headed into the city now. I was at work this morning at 6:15.

Run will happen tonight after we get home or in the morning.

Yesterday, after I posted that Janet and I are attending a recording of 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' tonight, I received a message from an unknown source.

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tridad said: You’re tired of a place that has Xbox One and PS4 for employees? How old are you?!? That’s a dream!!

You’re right. BUT….LOL, I said ‘but’…they only bought them for the California office. They will not be buying them for the other offices.

  • This is a down cycle week in training. 
  • That said, today was nine (9) miles at marathon pace.
  • I ran nine (9) miles in 1:29:22 
  • and I felt really good.
  • Read an article about marathon training and the impact of accumulative fatigue. It made a lot of sense and answered some questions I had about training. 
  • Its amazing how much a rest day helps.
  • I’m tired of my place of work. They bought several video game consoles for the people in our main office to play. As in PS4 and the X-Box One.
  • I swear it feels as if I work here:

  • 5 miles at marathon pace tomorrow.
  • Janet and I head into the city to see “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”

  • Congratulations to everyone that ran Boston. 

  • Y’all are making me feel incredibly unprepared for my marathon!

  • Tonight was 35 minutes (or so) of yoga and lots of rolling. 

  • Boo is not as helpful as HE thinks he is when it comes to rolling. 

  • There’s usually a lot of “Dammit Boo, MOVE!” being said.

  • This is a step down week in my training.

  • Nine (9) miles scheduled for Wednesday. 

  • 375 miles so far this year (….and I still feel underprepared!)


rookcanrun - 2:35:49

westcoastrunner - 2:40:44

shrinkingmomma - 2:40:51

Sending you all the positive vibes!!

….run strong and run fast!

Wishing y’all good luck. 

Going for a ride!

20 miles completed. Not great time, but not bad either.

Had a shower, big ol’glass of chocolate mile, and now headed to bed for a nap!

We all know training requires commitment. If you’re serious, you gotta train.

Here we see a true professional training for his passion. He’s been at it for a couple of hours at this point.

As we edge closer, we can see the focus involved.

This is a true athlete. Husbanding his strength until the absolute last moment.

Btw, it startled the Hell out of him when I reached down to pet him.

Boo supports my running. He’s making sure he’s good and rested for tomorrow’s run.

Is he going? No. He’ll be doing exactly this tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!