….run strong and run fast!

Wishing y’all good luck. 

Going for a ride!

20 miles completed. Not great time, but not bad either.

Had a shower, big ol’glass of chocolate mile, and now headed to bed for a nap!

We all know training requires commitment. If you’re serious, you gotta train.

Here we see a true professional training for his passion. He’s been at it for a couple of hours at this point.

As we edge closer, we can see the focus involved.

This is a true athlete. Husbanding his strength until the absolute last moment.

Btw, it startled the Hell out of him when I reached down to pet him.

Boo supports my running. He’s making sure he’s good and rested for tomorrow’s run.

Is he going? No. He’ll be doing exactly this tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

3.5 easy peasy miles
35:40 time
10:12 pace

Sunny, in the mid 30s.

I’m back on schedule for the week. My first 20 miler of the year is scheduled for tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for it!

Beautiful day to run. Sunny, 10 MPH winds, and mid/upper 40s. 

PLUS, I didn’t feel like crap.

8.56 miles
1:23:31 time
9:45 pace

Yet another confidence building run. While this was to run at marathon pace, I just ran what was comfortable. I’d love to be able to run a marathon at this pace, I don’t think that’s realistic. But it does make me think that 10:10-10:15 is very doable…..provided I don’t crash and burn. 

My first 20 miler is Sunday. 

I’m feeling better this morning, though my nose is still stopped up.  The long hot shower this morning seemed to help. I’ll be taking another one of those before I run today!

Asker footy-chic Asks:
P-L-O-T-T-I-N-G! Mwwuuuaaahahahaaaa!
davidsgoals davidsgoals Said:

Christa was clearly dropped a lot as a baby.

My cold is still kicking my ass. Today’s run, scheduled to be 8.5 miles, has been postponed until tomorrow. I’d run it today, unfortunately I can’t breathe.

Nasal stuff has been done, I drank my hot cider, and all that crap.

Tomorrow’s 3.5 easy/peasy run may be done on Saturday with the 20 miler on Sunday.



Just booked a room in Newport so I can see David run the marathon.  And now just have to come up with signs to taunt him cheer him on.

We may be plotting. Quietly.

I’m suddenly very afraid. 

I hate you both. 

I posted this story about nine (9) months ago and I know many have not read it. I thought y’all might enjoy it. 

This is a bit….personal. It has ZERO to do with running or police stories AND it contains the word PENIS. If the word ‘PENIS’ bothers you, do not read this post. Otherwise, you’ll be reading about PENIS (not penises….there’s only one penis).

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Yeah, THAT’S exactly what we did. Except for the talking about you for an hour or two….or how wonderful you are….or at all.