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I received an anonymous message last night and wanted to take a moment to address it. 

David! You’re such a crack up. I appreciate your posts so very much. You have given me so many smiles and laughs and some days very few people can do that, let alone someone that I only know from the internet. You seem so happy and I know that you’ve known the struggle of depression and it’s inspiring to see how it can be beaten. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for sharing vulnerability. A lot of men refuse to do so, but it’s so important. -With love from your friend, B

This is Melanie, isn’t it? What am I saying? Melanie’s conversations toward me always start with the words “SHUT UP DAVID!” Besides that there are multi-syllable words present, it can’t be from Melanie.

To the person that sent the message: Thank you! I was touched by your message. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need to chat. 

—Baby ‘King David Rose’ had her first transfusion yesterday. ‘King David Alice’ is doing well.

—Babies were due the first of December. They’re a bit early.

—3.5 easy miles this morning

breatherunlive replied to your post:Oops
Do you have any relatives named after you?

Not yet and isn’t that a crime?!?!? 

That said, Middle has promised a child will be named after me. The child’s name will be ‘<Yet to be decided> DAVID Fill in the Blank

melanietris replied to your post:Oops
I’m curious as to what you would have named them?

uh…..King David Alice and King David Rose.  D’uh

Additional information:
King David Alice is the larger of the two at 1LB 14OZ.

We all were premature babies. I was 13” long and 3.5 lbs.  In 1960, that was   a big deal.

oops…..that is Baby Alice, there is also Baby Rose. They are my new grandnieces.

(before I knew their names, I asked if I would blush if I asked their names.  I was disappointed when I was told they were not going to be named after me) 

Beaming  :)

—Speed work this morning. 3x8:00. The last interval was only 7:00 as I’d screwed up on my watch. Oops.
—It was cool and not killer humid!!!
—Food tracking is going well. I had a gourmet burger last night, it was so good. And it fit within my allotted calories.
—Did I mention it was cool and non-humid this morning? :)
—Planning on getting caught up on some sleep this week.

Is “slower traffic to the right” a concept that is that hard to grasp? You wouldn’t think so.

  • 45 minutes on the bike trainer. Nice way to watch TV and sweat at the same time.
  • 'Personal Rant' post has now been deleted. Thank you all for your feedback. It's god to see I'm not the only one thinking what I thought. Anyway, it's up to her to fix herself.
  • So many books I missed on my ‘Books’ post!  I may do a follow-up.
  • BreatheRunLive was absolutely correct, Middle is 20 and has had the right to vote for two years. It’s not a typo, but a joke I tried on her a few years ago; I told her she didn’t have the right to vote until she was 21, the law had been repealed. She didn’t buy that one, but did buy the one about whales living in Lake Michigan.  Yeah, this is the kind of person thats deciding the future of our country.
  • Applied for position today. It’s a long-shot, but you never know.
  • Headed to Dulles Va tomorrow for the week and returning to Pasadena in a month.
  • Registered for a 5K and a couple of 10K races. The 5K is the  Bucktown 5K and is in 3 weeks. The first 10K is the Frank Lloyd Wright Race in mid-October and has a pretty cool finisher’s medal.
    The other race is the North Shore Turkey Trot 10K in November.

…here’s a new Middle story.

For new followers, Middle is the niece that:

—thought my middle name was ‘Middle’
—believed me when I told her we were looking at the rare stripeless zebra. It was a brown horse.
—believed me when I told her we were going whale watching on Lake Michigan
—wanted to buy me a special gift and asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted the complete DVD collection of the MARX Brothers movies, the movies with all the brothers: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo, Zeppo, and Karl.
—thought Pasadena was the capital of a country called LAX.
—and there are many other things I’ve written about.

So Middle called me yesterday afternoon. She usually calls me for computer support and this was no exception. Her calls often start the same way: “King David, I have a problem with my computer…”

Seems she wanted to get the internet on her laptop and there was no wireless. She had an Ethernet cable, but still couldn’t get on the net.

I asked if she knew there was internet available. Yes, she replied.

Is the cable plugged in? I asked. She assured me it was.

I could hear her friend in the background asking, “Isn’t this cable thing plugged into the hole the power thing plugs into?”

There was silence for moment before Middle came back on the phone. She said “We found the problem! I didn’t need your help after all.”

I told her I heard what the problem was and that I couldn’t believe she would soon have the right vote.

It’s good to see there are some constants in the world.

I can’t limit myself to just ten books, I simply can’t. So here are the books that have come to mean something to me:

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Out the door this morning about 6:30 for six (6) miles. 

Seemed to be a great morning for it, it’s foggy.  Good idea to run before the sun breaks thru. Of course, humidity was 96% (absolutely no lie) and in the low 70s. Rivulets of sweat every single mile.

Took it EASY on this run (actually walked for maybe a .25 of a mile total).

6.01 miles
1:02:04 time
10:20 pace

So looking forward to the return of crisp mornings.


I have family members that make me pray I was adopted.

…honor thy rest day. I did and it was awesome.

Though I’m running FAR fewer miles, I still feel a need for recovery. It’s one of those things that it took time to realize.

Rest IS training. Tomorrow, I run for an hour.

melanietris said: Boo, you’re a handsome dude.

You misspelled ‘David’